Contractor Checklist

A contractor checklist will help you pick a reliable contractor to design and install your sprinkler system. This checklist includes important quality benchmarks to help ensure your system will operate worry-free and make your landscaping beautiful for years.

We recommend that you review this list with every contractor you interview, before you make a final selection.

Contractor Checklist
Contractor Qualifications
Years in business ____
# of sprinkler systems installed ____
Do they service systems they install? (e.g. Rainbird)
Certified by parts manufacturer
Irrigation Association Certification
Job Quote & Sprinkler System Design
Detailed lawn measurements
Design diagram showing placement of all zones, heads, valves, etc.
Sprinkler system design accounts for your specific lawn conditions
High-quality, commercial-grade parts
Complete lawn coverage with correct spray head spacing
Installation of Your System
Pipe pull method, no trenching
Installed to code
Backflow preventer required
Valve boxes installed with lids for easy access
Lawn restoration performed
Warranties and Service
Parts warranty
Installation warranty
Satisfaction guarantee
In-office support
Turn on/off service available
Upgrade/reconfiguration available
General service & repair available
Extended service agreement available

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