The Estate System is our premium home sprinkler system. Designed for maximum coverage, minimum overspray and low maintenance for the life of your home.

The Estate System includes all of the high-quality features of
our Suburban System, plus:

Initial Drawing and Design
This is a detailed drawing of your proposed system, including piping, heads and other components.
As-Built Drawing
Upon completion of your system, we'll provide an accurate scaled drawing of your system showing the location of all underground equipment. This will help prevent repair costs by avoiding damage when future work is done to your lawn and home.
Rain Sensor

The rain sensor automatically stops the sprinkler from watering after an 1/8th inch of rain.

Gravity Drain
(Customer Self-Drain)

Allows you to winterize your system if you choose, in only 10 to 20 minutes.
Increased Head Density
Ensures your lawn is watered perfectly. By increasing the number of spray heads, you can better reach corners and other problem areas.
Pressure-Regulating Valve
The Kansas City area has many high water-pressure areas that are too high for the proper functioning of a lawn sprinkler system. A pressure regulator will save about 20% on water and extend the life of your system by 25%. The pressure regulator regulates water pressure to 60-70 psi.
Shrub Stations
If shrubs are watered, they should be watered on a separate station to avoid over watering. Shrub stations water shrubs independently of grass, at different frequencies and amounts.
Five years on parts, one year on installation and labor.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your system is covered by the industry's most comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.
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