Extended Service Agreements

Samson Irrigation offers annual Extended Service Agreements that will cover all repair and maintenance work on your sprinkler system.

Our irrigation professionals and Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors on staff can quickly and affordably audit, repair, maintain and optimize your sprinkler system.

We also offer Extended Service Agreements for systems that other companies installed.

Your Extended Service Agreement will cover:


Spring Turn-On
Sprinkler systems need to be turned on and checked in the Spring, and drained and turned-off in the Fall. Our turn on service includes:
  • Turn on water, shut off any open drains, and pressurize the main line.
  • Activate each zone and conduct a manual inspection of your system.
  • Adjust heads to ensure proper coverage.
    Check for leaks and damaged nozzles and heads.
  • Review and set watering schedule for Spring conditions.
  • Provide irrigation recommendations that are relevant for your system.
Fall Turn-Off
In the Kansas City area (a freezing climate) lawn sprinkler systems must be winterized to prevent freeze damage to pipes, spray heads and other equipment.

There are two standard methods by which sprinkler systems are winterized: "Blow-Out" and "Gravity-Drained". Samson Irrigation will winterize your system based upon how it was designed.

"Blow-Out" Method

Sprinkler systems requiring the blow-out method have an additional pipefitting near the water source that allows an air compressor to fill the pipes with air pressure.

  • The pressure and volume of air requires a large 125 CFM air compressor. Pressure should not exceed 50 psi to avoid damaging the sprinkler valves and heads. A typical home compressor delivers 3 to 5 CFM of air, and is not recommended.
  • Each station is flushed, with the air compressor running, for 2-3 minutes to allow the air to blow the water out of the pipes.
  • We'll also check for any special system winterization needs, checking faucets and the backflow preventer.

"Gravity Drain" Method

Sprinkler systems requiring the gravity drain method are specifically designed for this. Samson Irrigation will open and drain each station

We'll also check for any special system winterization needs, checking faucets and the backflow preventer.

Component Part Repair
All parts repairs are covered. Samson will repair or replace all component parts for your system, even if Samson Irrigation did not install your system.
Coverage Problems
If your have problems with your sprinkler coverage, such as dry or wet spots, Samson Irrigation will adjust and optimize the coverage of your system. We can adjust and optimize your sprinkler system, even if another company installed it.
General Systems Check
Your system should normally run at night, therefore you typically will not see any problems until your grass and landscaping turns brown.

Samson Irrigation has Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors on staff who can check your system and perform a thorough and professional systems check. We will:

  • evaluate the functioning of your system based upon our professional knowledge of sprinkler systems;
  • review your system’s coverage and efficiency and suggest improvements.
Our Extended Service Agreements are priced affordably, and will vary based upon the size and complexity of your system.

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