General Service and Repair

Samson Irrigation has seasoned professionals and Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors on staff that can quickly and affordably repair, check and optimize your sprinkler system.

We also perform general service and repair on systems installed by other companies.

Component Part Repair
We can repair and replace all component parts for your system, even if Samson Irrigation did not install your system.
Coverage Problems
If your have problems with your sprinkler coverage, such as dry or wet spots, call Samson Irrigation to adjust your system. We can adjust and optimize your sprinkler system, even if another company installed it.
General System Check
Your sprinkler system should be checked every 4 to 8 weeks. Your system should normally run at night, therefore you typically will not see any problems until your grass and landscaping turns brown.

You can check your system yourself very easily and quickly by simply turning on your system and visually checking that all stations come on and all spray heads spray properly.

Samson Irrigation has Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors on staff who can check your system and perform a thorough and professional systems check. We can:

  • evaluate the functioning of your system based upon our professional knowledge of sprinkler systems;
  • review your system’s coverage and efficiency and suggest improvements.

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