Upgrade or Reconfigure Your Sprinkler System

Our irrigation professionals and Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors on staff can affordably reconfigure or upgrade your sprinkler system to acceptable performance.

System Reconfiguration
Changes to the shape of your lawn and changes in the type of plants and turf usually require your sprinkler system to be reconfigured.

A typical reconfiguration may include moving the positions of existing spray heads, adding additional spray heads, re-zoning your system and adjusting the watering times.

We’ll also audit the condition of other important components, including timers and controls to ensure their acceptable operation.

System Upgrade
Older systems reaching their life expectancy and poorly designed sprinkler systems can be upgraded to provide acceptable performance.

Often the performance of a poorly designed or aging sprinkler system can be significantly improved with minimal adjustments, balancing and repair.

Samson Irrigation can analyze your current system and make recommendations for improvements.

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