Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed.

We're confident of the quality and care we put into the design and installation of your sprinkler system -- that's why we guarantee Samson Irrigation is your best choice.

180-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
If, within the first 180 days after the installation of your system, you encounter a problem that we cannot resolve to your satisfaction you will be refunded an amount equal to 5% of the purchase price of your system.
Our Satisfaction Guarantee Applies To....
  • EQUIPMENT: The successful and proper operation of all equipment For example: heads, valves, controller and pipes.
  • OPERATIONAL QUALITY: Sprinkler system coverage and coverage quality will operate as initially designed.
  • THE CONDITION OF YOUR LAWN BEFORE AND AFTER INSTALLATION: We'll treat your lawn and property with respect. This means every effort will be taken to leave your lawn and property in the same or nearly the same condition after our installation, as it was before our installation.
Your Other Warranties

Our Satisfaction Guarantee does not replace the warranty that comes with your system. You get both, the full warranty (3 or 5 years, depending upon the product) and our Satisfaction Guarantee.

You'll Receive Your Satisfaction Guarantee In Writing
Talk with a Samson Irrigation expert about the details of our Satisfaction Guarantee. You'll be provided your Satisfaction Guarantee in writing before we begin installing your system.

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