The Suburban System is simply the best basic lawn sprinkler system in Kansas City. This industry-standard system will provide high-quality, efficient irrigation for your lawn.

The Suburban System includes:

Detailed Lawn Measurement
and Proposal

We'll design your system based upon the exact conditions of your lawn, and provide a detailed scale diagram and part lists for your system.

Rainbird™ commercial-
grade parts.
In our 30 years of experience, we've found Rainbird makes the most reliable, professional, commercial-grade irrigation equipment.
Backflow Preventer

Prevents the backflow of lawn water into drinking water. Required by most municipal codes. Installed to code, tested and reported.

Your system is winterized by "blow-out" with air pressure.
Professional Pipe Placement
To preserve your lawn, we pull pipe using a vibrating plow instead of the more damaging trenching method. PVC pipe is used along with 18 gauge multi-strand electrical wire.
Head Placement
Basic head placement will provide good water coverage for your lawn.
Comprehensive Customer Support
Instructional documents and training provided. In- office support available. Repair, maintenance, upgrade and system reconfiguration also available (e.g. for future landscape, deck, pool or other additions).
Lawn Restoration
Every effort will be made to restore your lawn to it's pre-existing condition.
Customized Watering Schedule
We'll provide you a customized watering schedule based upon your lawn, shade/soil factors and weather conditions.
Three years on parts, one year on installation and labor.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your system is covered by the industry's most
comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.
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